Rachel Parent founded Kids Right to Know at the age of 12, faced down Kevin O'leary on national television at 14, and has been targeted for years by the pro-GMO lobby for her pro-labelling activism. She speaks to the rewards and challeneges of being a young and committed activist.
Fish ecologist Doug Hay explores the biology of herring stocks, genetics, and homing behaviour, challenging assumtions about herring fisheries on BC's coast.
Nestlé is bottling water from Canadian springs at a tiny fraction of what water costs taxpayers, pumping during drought conditions, and making a tidy profit.
Arthur Caldicott on the spectacular demise of Compliance Energy’s Raven coal mine (and what happened to the coal seam rights...)
Joyce Nelson investigates what was lost in the Harper-era culling of DFO Libraries what the lost literature means for fish habitat protection in Canada.  
With connections to BlackRock and Merril Lynch, the Trudeau government’s proposed Canada Infrastructure Bank could be a 21st-century Trojan Horse – ushering in a privatization free-for-all in the guise of "asset recycling."


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Solar panels in garden

In my solar garden, I grow food energy in the form of strawberries, but I also grow raw energy in the form of...

Rachel Parent Speaking

The Watershed Sentinel recently caught up with 17-year-old Canadian activist Rachel Parent during an Earth Day...

protester against Raven coal mine with signs

In 2009, Compliance Energy Corp. announced its intention to build the Raven Underground Coal Project, a new coal...

St. John's wort flower

Invasive plants or weeds cause serious economic and environmental problems in the Okanagan-Similkameen region of...

Herring Spawn Vancouver Island - Photo by Marnee Pearce

Many fisheries generate controversy – including the BC herring fishery. Concerns vary in substance, severity,...

Caleb Behn overlooking land

Caleb Behn is a 34 year old Eh-Cho Dene and Dunne-Za lawyer from Treaty 8 territory in Northeastern BC. He is...

shelves of books

What was lost, and what was saved? Those are questions that remain now that seven Department of Fisheries &...

water - photo by Ryan Wilson

Nestlé Waters Canada, a subsidiary of Swiss based multinational Nestlé S.A., has just applied for a ten- year...

Beaver - Photo by Pat Gaines

Early October saw an unusual addition to some of the world’s top financial publications, as BBC Earth published its...

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