All Fracked Up!

The costs of LNG to British Columbia

All Fracked Up! The costs of LNG to British Columbia | Watershed Sentinel Books

Softcover | $30 CAD
Edited by Alice de Wolff and Delores Broten
Publisher | Watershed Sentinel Books, Comox, Canada
Year Published: 2020
Pages | 160 pp
ISBN | 978-0-9953286-5-5
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The first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed the costs of social inequalities and the short-sightedness of not taking action to prepare for crises that we know are coming.

This book takes a clear-eyed look at the ballooning risks and costs to British Columbians of fracking and LNG in our province, highlighting the need for evidence-based stewardship of our common resources – including taxpayer dollars – in the effort to  “build back better” post-pandemic.

With contributions from a remarkable collection of authors and experts – including David Hughes, Maude Barlow, Ben Parfitt, Eoin Finn, Mitchell Beer, and many more – this collection presents a spectrum of topics around the subject:

  • Economic analyses of the “business case” for LNG
  • Stories of the people, cultures, and livelihoods that are affected by BC’s gas industry
  • Glimpses into the number-crunching analysis required to assess the industry’s emissions and its impact on land and water
  • A look at the “Sacrifice Zone” in BC’s Northeast – including cumulative impacts, water, agriculture, and human health
  • Stories of opposition to fracking across Canada and around the world
  • Where to find to key studies and resources on the impacts of fracking and LNG

Read an excerpt: The bottom falls out of BC’s overhyped LNG gamble

All Fracked Up! Table of ContentsAll Fracked Up! Table of Contents

Featuring full-colour photography by Garth Lenz and a vivid graphic style, All Fracked Up! presents diverse analyses, deeply affecting histories, and hard facts about fracking and LNG in our province in a highly engaging and accessible format.

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