Sue Big Oil: webinar video & materials

The Sue Big Oil webinar we hosted on December 7 was well-attended, lively, and informative – many thanks to the presenters and to all who participated and asked questions on this timely topic!

Since then, we’ve received quite a few requests to view the webinar video and speakers’ presentations. Here they are, and we invite you to share this info with any friends, family members, or colleagues who would be interested in the campaign to build a cost-recovery class action lawsuit for BC municipalities left holding the bag for climate-caused infrastructure damage.

In the video below, Andrew Gage, lawyer for West Coast Environmental Law, Duncan Smith from the successful Gibsons campaign, and Jenna Stoner, the District of Squamish Councillor who introduced the successful motion for Squamish Council explain the Sue Big Oil campaign – how it works, which municipalities have signed on, and how you can get your town involved. (Scroll below video to download PDF versions of the speakers’ presentations)


Andrew Gage PortraitAndrew Gage, Staff Lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law, is a member of the Secretariat for the Sue Big Oil campaign. Andrew’s work and research focuses on the legal consequences of climate change, on which he has published extensively, including a recent book chapter on climate litigation and loss and damage.

View and download Andrew’s presentation HERE 


Jenna Stoner PortraitJenna Stoner is a second term District of Squamish councillor, a mum, and a seeker of innovative solutions to the multitude of complex issues facing local governments. She recently introduced the successful motion for Squamish Council to Sue Big Oil.

View and download Jenna’s presentation HERE 


Duncan Smith portraitDuncan Smith is a core member of the Sunshine Coast Sue Big Oil campaign. Since relocating to BC in 2017, he has been active in a number of political and climate action campaigns including: City of Port Moody Climate Action Committee, Force of Nature Tri-Cities Executive Team, and Avi Lewis ’21 National NDP Campaign.

View and download Duncan’s presentation HERE 

The webinar, held December 7 2023, was sponsored by the Watershed Sentinel and the Sentinel Educational Foundation.

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