Politically Incorrect: How Canada Lost Its Way and the Simple Path Home

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Author: Mair, Rafe
Publisher: Watershed Sentinel Books, Comox, Canada
Year Published: 2017
Pages: 169 pp including Index, Foreword by Mark Hume
ISBN: 978-0-9953286-2-4





We were saddened to learn that Rafe passed away the morning of October 9. We sent out this press release to notify the public that he has written a final book.

About this book:

See Rafe’s post announcing his new book on his blog, Rafe Mair Online.

This is a book on Canada’s political system as you have never before seen it. We all know that our Members of Parliament vote not as we say or as they think best but as their leader orders.

There’s a simple, cost-free solution that does not require any constitutional amendment. Leaders don’t like it, the backroom boys hate it, and “those who know best” can’t stand the idea – meaning it must have merit. And it does.


“Mair argues that by failing to come to grips with the underlying structural issues that still exist in Canada, the future of the nation is at stake.

“To get at that problem, he says, we need to change the way Parliament works. And that won’t be easy because the establishment – read Ontario and Quebec – likes things just the way they are. …

“If you believe Canada needs to change and if you are wondering how that might be done, Mair has got an earful for you. He always did have. All you have to do is tune in and turn up the volume, as Mair takes on a sacred topic nobody else seems to want to talk about.” – Mark Hume

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