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Acknowledgement of Territories

map of traditional territory of the K'omoks First NationThe Watershed Sentinel is produced on unceded Coast Salish territories, specifically of the K’ómoks First Nation. Unceded means that this land was never surrendered, relinquished or handed over in any way. We are grateful to the K’ómoks Nation for their ongoing generosity in sharing their culture with and actively educating the wider community. As settlers on this land, we are working towards better understanding how we can support Indigenous sovereignty.

Western Canada’s award-winning environmental news magazine.

The Watershed Sentinel has been the voice of the grassroots environmental movement in BC (and beyond) for over 25 years. When environmental community groups and thinkers –the folks who are working on-the-ground on issues such as water, oil and gas projects, climate change, GMOs, fish farming, Indigenous rights, conservation efforts, etc. – want to have their story heard, they contact us.

In a world where our access to news is increasingly corporate-and-algorithm-controlled, we aim to amplify the stories that don’t get heard elsewhere, and to provide a forum for intelligent discussion about environmental issues and their broader social implications.


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watershed sentinel vol 1 no 1Our History

The Watershed Sentinel has come a long way from its beginnings as a community newsletter on Cortes Island, BC. Throughout the years, editor Delores Broten has remained at the helm, using her investigative journalist skills and a network of activist colleagues to provide articles that meet a high standard of writing. More about our history…

Our work has always been, and remains, supported in large part by our dedicated community of sponsors, patrons, and sustaining subscribers. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported the Watershed Sentinel over the years!


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(Non-profit) Watershed Sentinel Educational Society, Publisher

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