Bypassing Dystopia

Hope-Filled Challenges to Corporate Rule


Softcover | $20 CAD
Author: Nelson, Joyce
Publisher: Watershed Sentinel Books, Comox, Canada
Year Published: 2018
Pages: 192 pp
ISBN: 978-0-9953286-3-1


In Bypassing Dystopia: Hope-Filled Challenges to Corporate Rule – a follow-up to 2016’s Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New FeudalismJoyce Nelson explores global examples of active and creative resistance to the iron grip of corporatism on our economies and imaginations.

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‘Bypassing Dystopia’ could free Canada from the clutches of neoliberalism | Ed Finn,

Canada backs foreign investor rights to protect mining sector: Book | Damien Gillis, the Commonsense Canadian

Interview with Joyce Nelson, author of Bypassing Dystopia: Hope-filled challenges to corporate rule | Madeleine Persson, the Climate Change Project


What people are saying:


“The book serves two important functions – first, decoding the corporate jargon used to disguise what is really the transfer of wealth from the pockets of everyday citizens to the hidden offshore accounts of multinational corporations and the elite investor class. Terms like “quantitative easing” (bailouts for big banks), ​“austerity​“ (passing the cost onto regular people), and ​”asset recycling” (privatizing public assets) are translated into plain English, so the public can know what it’s up against.

“The other role the book plays is offering solutions from empowering stories of resistance to these neoliberal economic policies. Through Rafael Correa’s Ecuador, Mexico’s Zapatistas,​ Spain’s “Indignados”​, Cuba’s revolutionary organic farmers, the North American divestment movement, Denmark’s happiness-boosting social services, and ​​Japan’s erasure of “sovereign debt” with smart central banking, Nelson provides a roadmap to liberation from the ​greedy banksters’ ​deathgrip on our environment and societies.”

—Damien Gillis, journalist and documentary filmmaker (full article)


“In Beyond Banksters, Nelson laid out key forms of financial and trade practices that enrich the very wealthy, and obstruct the rights, security and opportunities of ordinary citizens. Now, in this sequel, she details further initiatives that enrich the vastly rich, but she also lays out a brace of key examples of successful pushback from those same ordinary citizens, aided by courageous industry whistle-blowers and bold and prescient political leaders. The outline of a new social contract – where people always count more than profit – is present in this work, and it will undoubtedly stir readers to apply new and constructive ideas in their own lives.”

—R. Warren Bell, Past Founding President, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment


“Read and rejoice! This meticulously researched and lucidly written book (the sequel to Beyond Banksters) not only exposes the civilization-shattering rampage of our powerful business and political leaders. It also hails and details the rising tide of opposition to their greed-driven economic, social, and environmental atrocities. Everyone concerned about the future of humankind should read this uplifting tome. It offers well-founded hope that a belated but inexorable revolt against the purveyors of poverty, pollution, and inequality may yet save us from Armageddon.”

—Ed Finn, journalist, author, former Newfoundland politician and editor of the CCPA Monitor (full review)


“Illuminating the tactics and disclosing the modus operandi of North America’s financial pirates was exceptionally well carried out by Joyce Nelson in her 2016 book, Beyond Banksters. In this sequel, Bypassing Dystopia, Nelson extends globally her account of bankster tactics and procedures, and provides details of citizens resisting.”

—Dr. Jerry Ackerman, Financial Analyst


“We live in the Neoliberal Age of Austerity. I am often told not to use the term ‘neoliberalism’ because people do not understand it. But if we do not name the enemy or the problem, it cannot be solved. Nelson’s latest book is a wonderful map of the neoliberal terrain internationally and in Canada.”

—Herb Wiseman, Former Vice-Chair of the Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform/Public Money Power