Web Exclusive: First Hand Witness at Kinder Morgan

Dawn Christian

I went down to Victoria (from the Comox Valley, BC) with a carload of Dogwood folks yesterday for the afternoon Kinder Morgan hearings. Again the process appeared as a sham with only 2 of the panelists present.

The day before, Tony Penikett left part way through the roundtable sessions because he had business he had to attend to in the Arctic.

The room only had a capacity for 250 people which was strictly adhered to by Ministry staff and lots of local Victoria police. It was estimated that around 150 were left outside closed doors (including some who had signed up to present) with no ability to hear what was going on. Ministry staff didn’t know what to do about the presenters left behind and it was suggested by them that possibly their presentations would be videoed and presented that way. That didn’t happen but it revealed what a farce the process has been.

Glad I was able to see it first hand to be witness to this.

Among the many awesome, passionate, well informed presentations were two from NDP MPS Murray Rankin and Sheila Malcolmson. They gave great presentations and told the panel (all 2 of them) to assure Trudeau that Vancouver Island MPs (all NDP) will be holding the Liberals accountable regarding the follow-up to these hearings and the final decision in December.

Disturbing presentations came from two folks from the “Friends of Brooks Peninsula” on South Pender island. Tankers (and many other marine vessels) currently sail by the island, and tanker traffic stands to increase by 7 fold if the KMX is approved. They have documented many transgressions that already occur regularly though the treacherous Boundary Pass. They have been told that if a spill were to occur in these waters it would take 36 hours for a response to happen. As they passionately stated, that is six high tides before a “clean-up” would even be started.

Also, panellist Kim Baird was challenged (as I understand she has been at all the hearings) as to her credibility to be on the panel due to her relationship with Kinder Morgan Canada and the possible conflict of interest there. (More details here)

Virtually all of the presentations were regarding the marine implications of the tanker route.


Photo: Petition against Kinder Morgan Pipeline being delivered to National Energy Board. Photo Credit: Zack Embree

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