Tsilhqot’in Response to Taseko Legal Claim

Tsilhqot’in National Government Feb. 17, 2106

Williams Lake, BC (February 17, 2016): The Tsilhqot’in National Government (TNG) is not surprised by Taseko Mines Ltd.’s (TML) recent decision to file yet another legal claim against the Federal Government for its rejection of the proposed New Prosperity Project.
From the Tsilhqot’in perspective, TML has only itself to blame for proposing such a fundamentally flawed project in such a culturally and environmentally sensitive place, as confirmed by two independent panels. The federal government had no choice but to reject the project, based on the scathing findings of two independent panels, and a host of expert scientific testimony that the project posed serious and immitigable risk to the environment and court-declared Tsilhqot’in rights.
The latest court action is consistent with TML’s on-going refusal to accept that this project is simply unacceptable, given its devastating consequences for the environment and First Nations. Fortunately, the rest of the world is moving past this outdated model and instead focusing on sustainable economic development projects that have First Nations as partners.
Chief Joe Alphonse, Tribal Chairman of the Tsilhqot’in National Government and Chief of Tl’etinqox states:
“TML’s recent losing streak in court combined with declining mineral prices has left the company grabbing for any hope of survival. If I were a shareholder I would be suing Battison and Hallbauer for their lack of respect for proper process and reckless ignorance towards the environment and First Nations where they conduct business. In my opinion, TML always took the approach they owned the Harper Government and that their mine would get approved. The smell of desperation gets stronger every day with this company.”

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