Tell Feds re: Salmon Quota

Over-fishing of endangered wild salmon runs is being proposed in this year’s official salmon fishing plans. British Columbians overwhelmingly support sustainable fishing practices that don’t damage endangered salmon runs and Canada’s Wild Salmon Policy states that conservation of wild salmon and their habitats is “the highest priority in resource management decision making.” But the proposed changes to fishing plans for 2015 erode protection for dozens of endangered salmon runs.

We don’t have to accept DFO’s unnecessary trade-off between short-term profits and the long-term health of our wild salmon. The solution is simple: We can safely target the abundant salmon runs by shifting to highly selective fisheries that do little or no damage to endangered runs. This shift is already occurring, and the changes proposed for the 2015 fishing plan would be a big step backwards.

HAVE YOUR SAY! We have created the form below to allow you to submit your comments to federal decision makers. Comments will also be posted on our website (anonymously if you prefer), and we will let you know what happens! For more information see the summary of main concerns below the form. Comment Deadline: April 13, 2015

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