New Study on Oil Spills

Forest Ethics

December 8 2015, Vancouver, BC – Today the US National Academy of Sciences released a new study on the environmental and health threats from tar sands pipelines spills and leaks into waterways.

Sven Biggs, ForestEthics Pipeline Campaigner released the following statement:

“The National Academy, the most rigorous scientific body advising the US Congress, delivered its verdict on tar sands pipelines: Unsafe.

“After three years of study the National Academy finds that heavy tar sands mixed with lighter diluent are more dangerous than other types of crude when spilled from a pipeline. It’s a difference that the oil industry has tried to hide and US and Canadian governments have ignored, until now.

“That means that existing tar sands pipelines, and pipeline proposals, oil trains and tankers that carry tar sands are inadequate and unsafe. We’ve been designing pipelines and developing emergency response plans based on conventional crude, without an adequate understanding of the specific properties of diluted tar sands.

“We need to stop the flow of this potentially explosive, toxic heavy crude through our towns and cities, and across our waterways.

“The National Energy Board must take note that we are unprepared for spills from tar sands pipelines that will poison waterways and overwhelm emergency response, especially when it comes to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain and the TransCanada Energy East tar sands pipeline proposals.”

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