Flood the NEB With Comments on Kinder Morgan!

The Sept. 30 deadline for online feedback on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is looming. Here are a couple of easy ways to add your voice:

1) The government’s own online questionnaire: https://nrcan-rncan.sondages-surveys.ca/s/transmountain/?l=en

2) Dogwood’s simple letter-sending tool: https://dogwoodbc.ca/petitions/comment-kinder-morgan/

Take a few moments to use these, and then share with your networks!


Here’s what Dogwood has to say about the subject:

Bloomberg News dropped a bombshell yesterday: sources familiar with the Prime Minister’s plans say Justin Trudeau is determined to approve an oil tanker project and Kinder Morgan is the favourite.

You have one last chance to convince the government otherwise. Send a message to the federal panel reviewing Kinder Morgan, and we’ll automatically cc Prime Minister Trudeau.

Ottawa needs to understand that B.C. voters, who were key to the Liberal election win last fall, deny their consent for this risky project. Why?

  • The increased climate pollution unlocked by Kinder Morgan’s pipeline would equal 34 million new cars on the road. (Source: Oil Change International)
  • Both the pipeline and oil tankers would violate the rights of First Nations, who are prepared to fight this project in court and on the land.
  • Trudeau promised to overhaul Harper’s National Energy Board and redo the Kinder Morgan review. He did neither. The whole process was rigged to deliver a yes.

The one bright spot is that this federal government has basically acknowledged that pipeline approvals are based in politics, not science. So our job is to make it clear exactly what the political costs are of an approval.

Send your message today. We’ve built an easy online tool that submits your written comment to the federal panel reviewing the pipeline, while also sending a copy to the Prime Minister’s office. He needs to be woken up.

Thank you for taking action,

Kai Nagata, Dogwood BC

P.S. So far the panel has received more than 16,000 e-mails and survey responses, prompted mostly by pro-pipeline industry groups. With your help, we’re going to blow that number out of the water. Trudeau can’t use this slapdash review process as political cover to approve Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker project.

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