Environmental Science Axed by Harper 2012-2013

Compiled by Joyce Nelson

Fisheries & Oceans
Discontinued: Species-at-Risk Program, Ocean Contaminants & Marine Toxicology Program, Habitat Management, Experimental Lakes Area (Northern Ontario), DFO Marine Science Libraries, Centre for Offshore Oil & Gas Energy Research

Slashed: DFO Institute of Ocean Sciences (Sidney, BC), Freshwater Institute – Winnipeg, Oil Spill Counter-Measures Team, Maurice-Lamontagne Institute (Quebec), Canada Coast Guard/Kitsilano Coast Guard Station

Environment Canada
Discontinued: Environmental Emergency Response Program, Urban Wastewater Program, Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (Nunavut), Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences, Smokestacks Emissions Monitoring Team, Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission, National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy

Slashed: Environmental Protection Operations, Compliance Promotion Program, Action Plan on Clean Water, Sustainable Water Management Division, Environmental Effects Monitoring Program, Contaminated Sites Action Plan, Chemicals Management Plan, Canadian Centre for Inland Waters (Burlington, Ont.)     

Health Canada
Slashed: Pest Management Regulatory Agency

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Slashed: Reduced science capacity for oversight and research

National Research Council
Slashed: Canada Institute for Scientific & Technical Information

Transport Canada
Slashed: Transportation of Dangerous Goods (pipelines/tankers oversight), Transport Canada Aircraft Services

Discontinued: Arctic Institute of North America’s Kluane Research Station, The Global Environmental Monitoring System, Cereal Research Centre (Winnipeg), Canadian Environmental Network, Prairies Regional Office: Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, The Research Tools and Instruments Grant Program, Grants Programs administered by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

Slashed: The Centre for Plant Health (Vancouver Island), The Great Lakes Forestry Centre (Toronto), Horticulture Research & Development Centre (Quebec), Plant Pathology Program (Summerland, BC), Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health (Winnipeg), The National Water Research Institute (Burlington, Ont.), Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration
Primary Sources:  
The Professional Institute of Public Service Canada; CBC News

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