Banksters Readers: Take Action!

A compendium of petitions and other actions on issues (i.e. postal banking, asset flipping, Canada Infrastructure Bank, pension fund abuse, Bank of Canada lawsuit… ) raised in Beyond Banksters.


Show your support quickly & easily. Add your name; and most importantly, share to your networks.

Take it to the next level…

Organize, raise awareness, make these issues part of the national conversation!

  • Join forces with groups that are working to oppose privatization and corporate rights deals, promote public services (like postal banking), and raise awareness of financial alternatives: Council of Canadians, Friends of Public Services, Canadian Bank Reformers, COMER, the Public Banking Institute, LEAP manifesto… and many more…
  • Form a reading/discussion/action group for Beyond Bankstersemail us and we will connect you with others in your area who are also interested.

  • Ask for a copy of Banksters at your public library or university/college library (or order your own to donate to friends/family/libraries…)

  • Follow Beyond Banksters on Twitter and the Watershed Sentinel on Facebook to get and share news of the book and related issues.

  • Learn more & spread the word: Do your own research, and while you’re at it, check out these cool resources on Postal Banking – has great animated videos that you can share to explain how postal banking works and why we need it; and has info, news stories, press releases related to keep you up to date on the movement for postal banking in Canada.


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