A Win to Protect Wild Salmon!

Alexandra Morton

May 6, 2015

I am very happy to tell you that the lawsuit I launched 2 years ago today with Ecojustice finally got a decision. WE WON!!!!!

The BC salmon farmers are no longer allowed to make the decision to put diseased fish in their farms!  This is very significant because most of the salmon farmed in BC that I test is infected with the virus PRV. 

The judge examined the science on PRV and made some very strong statements.

I have posted his decision at the top of this blog.

It is a dark day in Canada that we have to go to court to get the science read, but at least we still have this option.

My deepest thanks to Ecojustice, they worked so hard on this.  We were a strong team!

The industry has 4 months to comply – lots of hard work still ahead to make this stick.

Thank you for staying with me through this.


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