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A seasonal gift for your special people or treat yourself!

One Year subscription to the Watershed Sentinel (5 issues), 2015 Wilderness Committee calendar, and a gift card with your personal message all for ONLY $30. (Value $43.95).

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five covers of the Watershed SentinelPrint Subscriptions – 5 issues a year bursting with good reads, thought-provoking content, and exposes that will raise your hair and your ire, along with tips on what to do about it all. Delivered direct to your mail box. Or save 20% and order two years at once. Printed on 100% recycled process chlorine free paper.

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Go Green! ELECTRONIC ONLY. Save time, money, and paper with an electronic copy (pdf) available before the paper copy comes off the press.  Save $10 off the regular paper price — How it Works: Right after we send the magazine to press, we email you a username and password so you can go to our website and download the latest issue, before the paper copy is even printed. The files are between 2 and 6 MB. $15 a year 

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BUNDLE BARGAINS! Offered as a bulk subscription for one year. Receive a bundle of copies of each issue of the Watershed Sentinel, delivered to one address. Use them for your organization, as a membership bonus, an attraction, as a fund raiser, or just to prove your point and spread the word around town! Five issues per annual subscription. Phenomenal value if we say so ourselves! 

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GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS – Do something good for those you love! When you order a gift subscription we send a special card with your message, announcing your gift. Simply fill out the gift message box below and give us the name and address of the person you are giving a gift to.  You will enter your gift message on check out.

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Donations – When you give those precious extra dollars, we treat them as the honour it is, and use them carefully to pay for more stories, more distribution of information, and bonus copies to colleges and libraries. 
Donate $50 or more and we will publicly thank you in our magazine. And we always thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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