Site C to "Rest on Shales"

There is no bedrock at Site C – and the public deserves to know whether it's safe to anchor a dam in shale

Arthur Hadland

Site C dam site, 2017 | Photo: jasonwoodhead23 via flickr (modified from original)

The following is an excerpt from an August 30 letter to BC’s Attorney General, the Honourable David Eby, QC


Dear Sir:

I am now iterating my request to you to have a public statement by an Independent Professional Engineer that the Site C Project is a safe site for future generations and the downstream citizens should not fear from a potential dam breach such as happened from the Teton Dam in Idaho in 1976.

The written certification by an Independent Professional Engineer is paramount.

This is now critical as in a August 22, 2018 CJDC interview, (Dawson Creek TV), British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BCHPA) spokesperson Dave Conway confirmed that there is no bedrock at Site C but that the Shaftesbury shale is an adequate anchor for the dam site:

“We know what rock is here … we’re NOT looking for bedrock, the dam is going to rest on shales … and the powerhouse is going to be anchored into the shales.”

I would think that you and the rest of cabinet should be extremely concerned with this revelation at this late date. Due diligence would be to demand surety by a written professional statement that the shales are an adequate substitute for bed-rock. (NOTE: In a report presented to the Canadian Dam Association, dated Oct. 15-20, 2017, these same engineers made the following observation: “moderately weak, flaky to fissile shale interbedded with thin beds of siltstone, sandstone and shale.” Further in April 2018 BCHPA reportedly hired 3 foreign workers, rumoured to be experts from Italy, to find bedrock at all costs. Their findings remain a secret.)

In your role as Solicitor General, it is imperative that you follow the Principles of Accountability, Transparency and Truth. Remember this is tax payer money; the integrity of your office is at stake.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Why has BCHPA not provided audited financial statements for the past 3 years? This information needs to be provided immediately.
  2. Who were the 3 foreign experts hired in April 2018? What were their findings? (Need to see a report.) How much did they charge the taxpayers of BC?

Please do not pass the buck to your colleagues as my past experience is they operate in a fog of secrecy. Their silence is deafening.

The irresponsible, unsafe and unnecessary Site C project is a convenient vehicle for passing vast amounts of public wealth ($12 Billion) to the boys in the backroom. It needs to be stopped.

Yours truly,
Arthur A Hadland,
August 30, 2018

Arthur Hadland is a farmer and retired agrologist in Baldonnel, BC.

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