Injunction Against Fairy Creek Defenders Granted (Video)

Nikolas Cuff

The Fairy Creek Forest Defenders have blockaded logging roads to Fairy Creek since August 2020 to stop Teal Jones from cutting down the fully intact pristine old growth trees in Fairy Creek. On April Fool’s day, April 1, 2021 Justice Verhoeven granted Teal Jones the injunction rights to call the RCMP and remove the Forest Defenders and log the area. The Fairy Creek blockade is part of a wider effort to stop the logging of the last 2% of old growth forests. According to a poll commissioned by Sierra Club BC, 92% of the public favours saving the last 2% ancient trees. The NDP election promise to save the old growth forests is, in reality, a “talk and log” pony show. Meanwhile the government and the courts continually allow the destruction of the old growth forests and all the living thing that depend on them.

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