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Comox, BC (February 13, 2017) ~ Watershed Sentinel Books is pleased to report that an Ontario financial adviser, Dr. Jerry Ackerman, is this week mailing copies of Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism to every Member of Parliament in Ottawa. Last week Dr. Ackerman mailed copies of the book to every Senator.

Dr. Ackerman, a financial adviser who has decades of experience in the financial industry, is taking this action to provide a “toolkit” for legislators in advance of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Spring Budget, expected in late February. Morneau is expected to announce the creation of a Canada Infrastructure Bank (designed by an adviser from Bank of America Merrill Lynch) to bypass the functions of the Bank of Canada in funding infrastructure.

Beyond Banksters, written by Joyce Nelson and published by Watershed Sentinel Books in November 2016, provides an incisive critique of the financial players involved in such a move, which will increase the debt and deficits by many billions of dollars annually through borrowing from the private sector, while contributing to the privatization of public assets. Instead, the publicly-owned Bank of Canada could provide infrastructure funding interest-free, as it did from 1938 to 1974.

In his cover-letter to Parliamentarians, Dr. Ackerman quotes from a speech by Canadian Victoria Grant given at the Public Banking Conference in Philadelphia four years ago. Merely 12 years old at the time, Ms. Grant said: “If the government wants to spend money, it should borrow it from its own bank, and not have to pay interest.”

In addition to Beyond Banksters, every Senator and MP is receiving several inserts: 1) an excerpt from the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer’s book The Money Mafia: A World In Crisis; 2) two excerpts from Dr. Ackerman’s financial blog: “Interesting Times” and “Calling Canada’s Minister of Finance;” 3) an excerpt from Ellen Brown’s book The Public Bank Solution; and 4) background information on the history of the Bank of Canada.

By sending this “toolkit,” Dr. Ackerman is intent on educating Parliamentarians about the Bank of Canada before they consider Morneau’s budget and controversial infrastructure bank plans. Reminding Parliamentarians that Canada’s national debt is “now $630 billion” and “increasing with every deficit,” Dr. Ackerman adds: “For our country’s 150th year and going forward, we insist that you act on behalf of every Canadian’s future.”

Beyond Banksters is already in its second printing. Author Joyce Nelson says, “I am thrilled that Beyond Banksters is going to Parliamentarians. I hope they read it, and read the other materials too, before they vote on the Spring Budget. This action by Dr. Jerry Ackerman is just amazing.”


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