BC Election Platforms 2017: Agriculture & Food Security

Watershed Sentinel Editorial Staff

BC Election 2017: Our comparison of the party platforms on agriculture & food security


  • Increase export of agrifood and seafood products by 25% by 2020
  • Increase domestic purchases of agrifood and seafood products by $2.3 billion
  • by 2020
  • Ensure an additional 91,000 hectares of agricultural land is in production by
  • 2020
  • $5 million for the construction of a new [5000 seat] ‘Agriplex’ in Comox
  • A further $5 million to the BC Tree Fruit industry for a replant program in the Okanagan Valley.
  • Double the ‘Grow Local’ program and make it permanent
  • Increase the ‘Buy Local’ program by $1 million starting in 2019
  • Support small meat producers in gaining access to processing facilities
  • Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in British Columbia to protect honeybee populations
  • Stand up for the B.C. wine industry against the threat of international trade disputes
  • Develop an international marketing strategy for B.C. wine, craft beer, cider, and distilled products
  • Support a new BC Wine Centre of Excellence in Penticton
  • Invest in targeted advertising campaigns and new apps to promote B.C. craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries
  • $1 million annually towards an incentive program for farmers, contributing to the development of a VQA-like program for made-in-B.C. craft beer
  • Review the mark-up policy for craft distillers
  • Streamline the process for entrepreneurs to get a brewery license
  • Maintain a moratorium on the number of private liquor store licenses through 2022
  • Make permanent the BC Farmers’ Food Donation Tax Credit to encourage farmers and farming corporations to donate to registered charities such as food banks or school meal programs


  • Revitalize the land reserve and the Agricultural Land Commission
  • Help young farmers access land, and work with primary producers on initiatives like ensuring bee populations stay healthy
  • Help hospitals and care facilities increase their use of BC grown and processed foods and we will work to expand the use of BC food products in all other government facilities
  • An enhanced Buy BC marketing program to help local producers market their products in BC and for export
  • Develop a BC Food Innovation Centre to innovate in the processing, packaging and marketing of BC food products and link local food producers with new technology and expand their access to world markets
  • Establish a BC beer, wine and spirits advisory panel to advise on how to increase domestic sales of BC products in stores and restaurants and on how to strengthen and grow the industry
  • Work with local producers to expand market access in the rest of Canada and abroad, including providing marketing support through the renewal of Buy BC
  • Innovation centres in the interior and northern BC that will help us grow and strengthen our traditional industries, like mining, agriculture and forestry.


  • Invest $30 million to enhance the long-term viability of the agricultural sector so that it will provide an increasing proportion of the food consumed by people in BC. This will include incentives to produce food on Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) land, the establishment of agricultural apprenticeship programs at the secondary and postsecondary levels, and greater advertising and awareness of BC produce and products through expansion of buy-local initiatives
  • Enhance the protection of agricultural land, and increase the proportion of ALR land in use for agricultural purposes
  • Provide $40 million to fund research, and establish regional agricultural bureaus to provide expertise and support to local farmers to adapt to a changing climate
  • Collaborate with Indigenous People, the not-for-profit sector, and other land interests to enhance access to land for farming. Alternative land access models such as cooperatives and agricultural land trusts and land sharing agreements will be explored
  • Work with farm operators to address labour shortages in agriculture, including improvements to remuneration for agricultural workers

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