BC Election 2017: Privatization, Trade, & Public Services

Watershed Sentinel Editorial Staff

BC Election 2017: Our comparison of the party platforms on privatization, trade, & public services


  • BC Hydro’s 10-year rate plan submitted to the BCUC caps rates at 2.6% over the [first?]five years
  • Phase out BC Hydro’s payment to government by 2022, starting in 2017
  • [No mention of P3’s]


  • BC Hydro, ICBC and BC Ferries will all be required to conduct comprehensive operating reviews to look for inefficiencies, fiscal mismanagement, and cost savings that don’t impact services
  • End Christy Clark’s billion dollar tax cut for the wealthy reinstating the top income tax bracket for incomes over $150,000
  • Increase the general corporate income tax to 12 per cent. Reduce the small business tax rate to 2.0 per cent from 2.5 per cent
  • Tax speculation in the housing market at 2%
  • Review oil and gas subsidies, eliminate partisan government advertising, end patronage positions, ground Air Christy, and implement a fraud and tax avoidance task force.
  • [No mention of P3s, IPPs]


  • Bring BC Ferries back into government as a Crown Corporation, and conduct a full review of BC Ferries operations
  • Request a full audit of projects carried out as Public Private Partnerships [P3s] to determine whether they are cost effective
  • Revisit the current capital investment plan and determine whether the current plan meets the priorities of the BC Greens, including those for construction of schools, seismic upgrading, investment in long term care beds and affordable housing
  • Establish a working group to develop proposals for an overhaul of the tax system
  • Begin the transition to tax fairness by increasing the share of taxation contributed by those earning over $108,460 per year over four years by 1% in 2017/18, rising to 3% in 2020/21
  • Increase the general corporate tax rate to 12%
  • Develop options to shift taxes in order to incentivize choices that benefit society and disincentivize choices that are harmful and costly
  • Introduce a Fiscal Responsibility Act that requires the BC Budget to be balanced on average, over a government’s term of office to accommodate a downturn in revenue without cuts to programs
  • Work with the federal government to streamline business and consumption taxes
  • [No mention of IPPs, subsidies]

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