BC Election 2017: Fish Farms

Watershed Sentinel Editorial Staff

BC Election 2017: Our comparison of the party platforms on fish farms


  • Increase export of agrifood and seafood products by 25% by 2020
  • Increase domestic purchases of agrifood and seafood products by $2.3 billion by 2020
  • create a new Centre for Salmon Research in Campbell River
  • $500,000 for research into closed containment finfish aquaculture


  • Implement the recommendations of the Cohen Commission, keep farm sites out of important salmon migration routes, and support research and transparent monitoring to minimize the risk of disease transfer from captive to wild fish
  • Provide incentives to help the aquaculture industry transition to closed containment where possible


  • Make the resilience of our natural asset base a priority and work with industrial sectors that will be impacted by climate change to develop integrated climate risk management and resilience plans to preserve long term economic and environmental sustainability, and promote best practices. Sectors affected by climate change include forestry, mining, tourism, aquaculture, fisheries, agriculture, and energy. The plans will consider competing interests of the different industries

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