BC Election 2017: Education

Watershed Sentinel Editorial Staff

BC Election 2017: Our comparison of the party platforms on education


  • Continue to support parental choice in education, no change to independent school funding
  • Implement the March 2017 agreement with the BC Teachers’ Federation on class size and composition
  • $5 million over the next two years to fund teacher retention programs in rural school districts
  • Establish a student-teacher loan forgiveness program in rural districts
  • Invest over $2 billion in capital spending over the next three years for schools
  • Strive to secure another long-term contract with the BCTF
  • Undertake a full educational funding review
  • Fully implement the interactive, web-based school district reporting tool to allow parents to review their school and district compared to others
  • Complete the Seismic Mitigation Program for B.C. schools
  • Provide $228 million to fund enrolment growth across the fiscal plan period
  • Invest $54 million to eliminate bus fees for students and mitigate rural school closures
  • Ensure all new elementary schools get a publically [sic] funded playground.


  • Complete a comprehensive review of BC’s current K-12 funding formula
  • Create an ongoing capital fund for school playgrounds
  • Work with school districts to implement BC’s new school curriculum and provide new technology, lab equipment, learning material and professional development support for teachers
  • $30 million per year for school supplies
  • Replace Surrey portables with real classrooms
  • Build and upgrade schools in every region of BC
  • Accelerate the seismic upgrade program for BC
  • Invest in energy efficiency and lighting upgrades for our schools
  • Make mental health counsellors available where schools identify a need
  • Provide supports to learn coding in the classroom and partner with innovative not-for-profits and technology companies in British Columbia
  • Support the expansion of digital arts, technology and trades education; make tools, machinery and equipment available to students.
  • Make student loans interest free—current and future.
  • Provide a $1,000 completion grant for graduates of college, university and skilled trades programs
  • Cap tuition fees at colleges and universities
  • Support the UPass, to ensure transportation to and from class is affordable
  • Make Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English as a Second Language (ESL) free again
  • Introduce a new graduate student scholarship fund
  • Expand BC’s apprenticeship and trades training programs


  • Increase funding for schools, beginning in 2017/18 at $220 million and rising to $1.46 billion in 2020/21 (in addition to the $330 million committed by the BC Liberals to address the recent court ruling on class size)
  • Direct $35 million into nutrition and physical activity programs to promote learning readiness, and improve student health
  • Invest $140 million over three years to train teachers to deliver the new curriculum
  • Review the funding model for the K-12 education system with a view to ensuring equitable access for students, targeting funding to schools with the greatest need and increasing local autonomy regarding funding priorities and distribution
  • Restore funding for adult secondary education upgrading and language training
  • Implement needs-based grants for postsecondary students
  • Offer tax forgiveness for up to five years to assist qualifying graduates to repay outstanding debt incurred for tuition fees.
  • Set up a task force on postsecondary education funding to identify ways to make postsecondary education more relevant, accessible and affordable
  • Allocate up to $10 million per year for in-service skills training for workers in small and medium-sized enterprises, and retraining for those displaced by automation or changing markets

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