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From Milton Friedman to Trudeau’s Canada Infrastructure Bank, from BlackRock to crappy trade deals to Bilderberg, Nelson exposes the major players privatizing the world and creating a new state of feudalism.

Venezuela: Target of Economic Warfare

Most people are horrified to watch Venezuela seemingly on the verge of outright civil war, or worse, an invasion by U.S. military forces. The death toll continues to rise in… 

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Joyce Nelson

Dear ENGOs:

Stop supporting fake mitigation. Let’s remove the Golden Straitjacket and start the regulated fossil-fuel wind-down.

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Bill Henderson

Next Generation!

Youth are angry, scared... and very motivated — so why aren't we engaging them more in our environmental movements? Practical suggestions from the horse's mouth.

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Celesta Buchanan

Let's Talk Labour

Summer 2017

If we’re going to deal with climate change, it’s going to take a broad coalition – and one of the major parties will be the labour movement. In this issue: the “Workers’ Climate Plan,” union political activism, practical steps to co-operation; BC’s Illegal Dams, AI & Guaranteed Income, Activist Malpractice, and much more…

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Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Indicates Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Indigenous Guatemalan land defenders attacked, threatened with sexual assault - call for an investigation!

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Indicates Watershed Sentinel Original Content