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Indigenous Science & Technology

Native Science is a study of the whole; Indigenous technologies emerge from the implicate order to reflect the art of skillful living – and these bodies of knowledge employ the precision and rigour associated with western science.

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Rose Thater Braan-Imai

BC LNG Project Green-lighted

Plans for a C$40-billion LNG project in Kitimat, BC have been finalized, according to news reports. The LNG Canada project… 

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Watershed Sentinel


Sucking carbon out of the air to make fuel is now a viable thing, and a small plant in Squamish, BC is the testing ground – but the technology is not without its critics

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Gavin MacRae

Electoral Reform

A citizens-to-citizens guide about what matters most when casting a ballot in this fall's BC referendum

Réal Lavergne and Gisela Ruckert

Site C to "Rest on Shales"

There is no bedrock at Site C – and the public deserves to know whether it's safe to anchor a dam in shale

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Arthur Hadland

Talking Tech

September | October 2018

Technology – just gizmos, or a complex expression of culture? In this era of climate disaster, will it save our bacon, or distract us from deeper change with ineffective techno-fixes? What is Indigenous tech? Also: Following BC’s worst-ever wildfire season, we shine a light on outdated forestry governance and the continued loss of old growth in the province.

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