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Fracking BC Webinar

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Join our panel of speakers as they explain why their organizations are calling for an end to fracking, and fracking subsidies.

War in the Woods 1.0

A look back at the mass movement to defend BC’s ancient forests in the ‘80s and ‘90s – until recently, the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Dan Lewis

Our Lands Are Not "Waste Lands of the Crown"

Nuxalk eviction of mining company is the most recent action in a 170-year long fight – colonizers have been illegally occupying their territory for gold since the gold rush, says Nuskmata, Jacinda Mack.

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Odette Auger

The People's COP

October | November 2021

Faced with the immediacy of the climate crisis, and fed up with waiting for action from on high, people everywhere are taking matters into their own hands – working within their communities and Indigenous Nations, with municipal governments and citizen’s groups to achieve decarbonization at the local level and build community resilience.

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