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Dropping the Ball

Federal government AWOL in the Fraser River estuary

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Otto E. Langer

Pump stations, baby Coho, and bears, oh my!

Over 1500 kilometres of valuable salmon habitat in the Fraser Valley are blocked by outdated flood infrastructure. Taking stock of the situation is the first step in changing that.

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Meghan Rooney

Rebooting building

Engineers are rethinking their responsibilities in the era of planetary crises

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Gavin MacRae

Return to the Grassroots

April | May 2020

In this time of globalized everything and cataclysmic change, the quiet, dedicated work of everyday people working together for change often gets ignored – yet at this point of crisis and transition, it is more important than ever. This issue celebrates the victories, people, and crucial work of the living network we call the grassroots.

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