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From Milton Friedman to Trudeau’s Canada Infrastructure Bank, from BlackRock to crappy trade deals to Bilderberg, Nelson exposes the major players privatizing the world and creating a new state of feudalism.

Where they Stand, What they Say...

BC Election 2017: Just for fun, we slogged through the paperwork and came up with this thorough, detailed, unbiased comparison of the parties' Environmental and Social Justice platforms!

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Watershed Sentinel Editorial Staff

Canada's Housing Crisis: Eight Solutions

Canada’s housing crisis is far more severe than most people realize, and there are eight solutions that could end it, once and for all.

Guy Dauncey

Site C and NAWAPA

"Exactly the right place" for long-term continental water-sharing plans

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Joyce Nelson

Land & Home

March | April 2017

The history of land ownership and enclosure of the commons is the story of dispossession. In this issue we look at refugees, migrants (environmental and otherwise), and homelessness in Canada, and shed light on land reform, treaty rights & responsibilities, and solutions to the housing crisis. Also: Site C and NAWAPA, Big Oil EV Fictions, Treaty Travesty, & much more…

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