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Book Review: Changing Tides by Alejandro Frid

Hope surfaces on BC's Central Coast, where First Nations are integrating traditional knowledge with science to steward their lands and waters

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review by Claire Gilmore

8 myths about LNG

From emissions to jobs and economic benefits, BC's LNG dreams have little to do with reality

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Eoin Finn

High (Carbon) Seas

A primary driver of mass extinction events, ocean acidification isn’t a popular topic - but is already affecting coastal ecology and economy

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Hal Hewett

Deep Time

December 2019 | January 2020

What can be said, or even fully comprehended, about the moment on Earth we are living through? In this issue we seek a broader vision, gleaning current lessons from deep history (of humans and of the planet), and viewing time itself in fundamentally different ways – how can time become an ally?

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