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Maude Barlow, David Hughes, Ben Parfitt and more on the costs and risks of fracking and LNG in BC

Cargo Ships Idling in the Salish Sea

BC's biologically-sensitive Southern Gulf Islands are playing parking lot to an international shipping backlog

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Peter Ommundsen

For Peat’s Sake!

Coming together to protect the Northern Saskatchewan muskeg

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Valerie Barnes-Connell

Watermelon Snow

In her recent book, scientist and activist Lynne Quarmby shares her experience of the Artic’s breathtaking beauty and heartbreaking losses

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Review by Susan Yates


April | May 2021

BC’s recent decision to go ahead with the Site C dam had us thinking about the insanity of endlessly propping up something unstable to maintain… a sense of stability? Fossil jobs, military funding, GMOs, those dam reports… this issue examines areas where a brittle holding pattern could, should, or is beginning to give way.

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Watershed Sentinel Original Content

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