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Maude Barlow, David Hughes, Ben Parfitt and more on the costs and risks of fracking and LNG in BC

Wild Times: Extinction Brewing

The ongoing liquidation of BC's last old growth forests is propelling a death spiral for spotted owls

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Joe Foy

Canadian Beer in Canadian Cans

With labyrinthine supply chains, missed recycling opportunities, and a recent trade war, maybe it's time for the aluminum industry to turn on a dime

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Joyce Nelson

Fisheries: Interdependence & Exploitation

December 2020 | January 2021

Seafood has always played a huge role in human survival. But a third of all wild fish are now overexploited, and on the BC coast salmon numbers are plummeting, with many First Nations having to give up traditional fisheries. We all depend on the living waters – the time for status quo management is over.

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