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Carbon Capture + Spin

Big hype – and billions in public subsidies – for failing tech

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Mitchell Beer

"A Place to Make Things Right"

Hiladi Village is part of the Ma'amtagila Nation's process of living through "extinction," restoring sovereignty and reconnecting with their lands and waters

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Desiree Mannila

LNG to Europe?

Ramped-up export sales are just a pipe dream, research shows

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Compiled by Mitchell Beer

Age of the Technofix

December 2022 | January 2023

We need technology to transition from fossil fuels. But every technological solution falls somewhere on a spectrum between appropriate technology on the one hand, and a profit-driven techno-utopian billionaire’s pipe dream on the other… and especially in a crisis, it can be hard to tell the difference.

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