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Maude Barlow, David Hughes, Ben Parfitt and more on the costs and risks of fracking and LNG in BC

Ag-Gag Comes North

Laws that criminalize exposure of inhumane animal treatment have come to Canada - will they be struck down, as they have in the US?

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Gavin MacRae

Book review: One Fire

An Ojibway-Anishinabe vision for the future

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Review by Heather Menzies

Industrial Futures

February | March 2021

From the removal of some fish farms from BC’s coast, to changes needed in the mining to become accountable as it feeds the green tech explosion, to the growth of the data-industrial complex and server farms through 5G, and more… we’ve got stories that look at current – or urgently needed – shifts in industry.

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Watershed Sentinel Original Content

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