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Early October saw an unusual addition to some of the world’s top financial publications, as BBC Earth published its “Earth Index” in the Wall Street Journal, The Times, the Singapore Business Times, and the Economic Times of India.

Ten years ago, methane digesters were hotter than Hansel. Then, they seemed to fall out of fashion. The point of a digester is to capture the noxious gases that rise from manure lagoons and decomposing waste, so that, instead of smelling them, we can burn them for energy. Digesters capture greenhouse emissions and replace them with renewable energy.

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau came into office on November 4, 2015 with a lengthy list of promises. In our last issue we looked at the commitments related to environment, climate, and science, which ranged from building trust in the National Energy Board to freeing charities from onerous review.

If you’ve ever used an airplane bathroom, then you will have experienced the loud sucking sound of a vacuum toilet. This water saving device is the cornerstone of Hamburg’s innovative HAMBURG WATER Cycle® (HWC), which will be incorporated into a new neighbourhood now under construction, Jenfelder Au.

Simon Ruger offers the Yara ZIM Plant Technology probe, the Norwegian company’s latest water saving innovation, for inspection to our group sitting around the table at the Yara ZIM office in Berlin. The device is two small magnets that resemble fat button cell batteries, with a red cable attached to the end of one of them.


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On the shuttle bus to the third day of COP21, the global climate summit held in Paris last month, I struck up a conversation with a German-French couple in their early 20s. We had one of those nice traveler connections, and by the time we got to the huge convention center, we took photos of each other in front of the sign announcing the Conférence sur les Changements Climatiques 2015.