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Markets and barns, farms and tables. Welcoming African guests to Salt Spring seems to have much to do with: "what shall we eat?" Herein we find common ground:


Norway is the envy of much of the world, for its social supports -- the best place in the world to be a mother -- its free university tuition, its fine democratic traditions, its outstanding economic status, and superb environmental record. Mitch Anderson reports on The Tyee:

There are eye-popping odds of 87% over 50 years for a serious spill from the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, the terminal, or its oil tankers,

Pity BC's "Natural Resource Officers" -- New Badges, new ID cards, new powers, new job description, same training and same old -- doubtless very tired -- staff.

Now the folks who used to do one or two things under one or two Acts have to act as inspection and enforcement officers for everything from dikes and forests to water and weeds, not to mention the kitchen sink. Read the memo.  


The ending of this beautiful rant by Phil Rockstroh,  After The Fireworks Have Faded: Intimations of Bosons Among a Cacophony of Bozos, concerns the value of working within the system of madness we inhabit, and I won't give it away - but here's a taste:


Everybody who lives near a nuclear power plant, or who thinks nuclear is the "magic bullet" to get us out of our current mess of greed and over-powered consumption should read this  concise and clearly documented article, Nuclear Power Causes Cancer, by Dr. Samuel Epstein in the Huffington Post.

Once again an organic agricultural sector is threatened by the wanton introduction of genetically modified food – this time it is apples.

The small BC company called Okanagan Specialty Fruits has submitted a request to Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for approval of their GM “non-browning” apple. Contamination from GM apples threatens the future of our apples, and the farmers who grow them.

So the head of Elections Canada, William Corbett, resigns (not from any political reason, apparently) and Canadian Press speculates that his successor might not be "as aggressive as Corbett in pursuing alleged wrongdoing..." Now let's see.

It gets so tiring -- the endless victory of war propaganda against common sense -- pour zillions of dollars in arms into a country, fake some pictures of babies being killed (or as in the case of one of the World Wars, nuns being raped), and voila - a free for all for arms corporations, carpet baggers, and all who profit from the chaos of the breakdown of government. It is happening again in Syria -- but after Iraq 1 and 2, and Libya, and Afghanistan, who can be anything but weary of the gullibility and evil of it all?  Read the case on Houla here:



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