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As of Monday December 3rd, there is a week's truce in the Cortes forest dispute to allow for continuing negotiations. The company is in a position to apply for an injunction.

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The Salmon Recipes is not so much a cookbook, although it is an excellent one, as a luscious visual and mental experience. Combining stunningly beautiful photography, a few Susan Musgrave poems, First Nations' reminisces of harvesting and other experiences of the sea, and wonderfully practical recipes, this is not just Cookbook of the Season, but deserves a BC book award.


Barry Saxifrage has nailed it in this article on the Cortes Island web site where hedemonstrates that returning BC Ferries to the Ministry of Transport (highways) and raising the gas tax by one penny a litre would solve the financial problems of the system. He also shows how very low Canadian gas taxes are in comparison with other countries in the industrialised world. 



That narrow Victoria by-election, where the NDP and the Greens battled it out vote by vote (oh happy day if that could be the real condition of Canadian politics!) shows how likely we are to wind up with another 4 or 8 years of Harper Government distruction of Canada the nation and Canada the Land.


Another salvo from two law professors critiquing the China-Canada FIPPA contains this damning indictment of the entire self-interested global trade system: "The Canadian public should know that many, perhaps all, of the legal experts who have come forward in recent weeks to defend the Canada-China treaty are lawyers who have, or wh

There is a brave and long struggle going on in Wet’suwet’en territory in northern BC where First Nations are stopping pipeline workers from proceeding with the Pacific Trails Pipeline. Here is the website:

"From the beautiful unceded Unis’tot’en Yintah (Territory):

Kinder Morgan is hosting a series of open houses as part of their “public consultation” for the new Trans Mountain pipeline proposal. “Public consultation” is in quotes, because these events leave you with the feeling that Kinder Morgan is trying to sell you something instead of engaging in a dialogue.

Among countless issues raging around the coast, this new proposal to install tidal turbines in Blackney Pass near at the entrance to Johnstone Strait in Orca habitat is particularly bothersome.

On November 19th, 2010, an explosion ripped through the Pike River coal mine in New Zealand.  29 miners were killed and their bodies remain entombed to this day. One of the dead miners was 21 year old Ben Rockhouse.  Ben's dad, Neville Rockhouse was the mine safety and training manager.  He lost his beloved son on that tragic day, and his reputation.



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